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16 Jul 2021



We should understand that one of the most important reasons people fail to achieve their goals is that they fail to stay focused on their goals

The ability to focus is a critical skill for success. In order to accomplish your goals, you need to be able to stay focused on them. As our ancient mythology says about the story of Arjuna that When the Pandavas were young, they trained under Drona, the master of combat. Drona wanted to test his pupils, so he stuck a toy bird in a tree and asked all of them to aim their bows at its eye.

When he asked them what they could see, the Pandavas gave different answers, such as the bird, the leaves, the tree, and so on, and missed. Only Arjuna, without missing a beat, said he could see nothing more than the eye of the bird and then Arjuna’s arrow pierced the bird’s eye, perfectly. This is a story about focus and determination, which will show all of us that knowing exactly what they want and working towards it will help them achieve their goals.

Being focused can greatly improve productivity, but it is not always easy to achieve that level of focus. The secret to Arjuna’s success was that he was able to empty his mind and think only of the task at hand. Clearing your mind like that is a skill that few people possess naturally.