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16 Jul 2021

Want to create an extraordinary growth in education and career? Start Learning English!

Want to create an extraordinary growth in education and career? Start Learning English!

English Language is vital for success in education and career

There is a common misconception that English is an optional language and it isn't too important. But if you look at the statistics, they tell a different story.

Many countries are now teaching English as a second language in order to attract more international students. As we all know, learning English has led to many opportunities for people from other countries who are looking to adapt and learn about another culture.

There's also been a lot of research that shows how knowing English can lead to better career prospects with higher salaries.

English is a Universal Language

English is a universal language and it is the most important language for international communication. It is estimated that English has over 1 billion native speakers and English is spoken as a second language by more than 100 million people worldwide.

English has no specific origin, but it developed from the West Germanic dialects brought to Britain by Germanic tribes in the 5th century AD. It then spread to other parts of Europe, North Africa and South Asia because of coloniser expansionism.

More than 85% of all internet domains use American English, which means that it's been widely accepted as the de facto internet standard.


Communicating in English Benefits You and Your Business

It is a real pain trying to communicate in another language if you don't know how the language works.

Communicating in English can help your business grow by providing a global perspective. Entrepreneurs should be more open to communicating with those who don't speak their native language as it will broaden their market and create new opportunities for growth.

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Knowing English is Important for Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Having a global audience is a reality in today's society. Knowing English will enable professionals and entrepreneurs to expand their business and reach an audience outside of their home country.

In order to succeed in today’s business world, it is important for professionals and entrepreneurs to be fluent in English. It has become the language of international trade, science, and technology. A recent study shows that this trend will continue for decades to come, as more people are born into an environment where English is the official or dominant language.

Knowing how to speak and write in English offers a range of benefits that make it worth learning:

-Business opportunities

-Higher salaries

-Leadership roles


Technology Based Teaching Methods Improve Success Rate of Learning English

Traditional teaching methods are not always the best for learning a language. Technology has made teaching more interactive and appealing to students.

The change to a more technology-based method of teaching is increasing the success rate of learning English. For instance, you can use an English learning app on your tablet or phone and learn by playing games in your free time or while commuting to work.

This type of change is necessary when you consider how many students these days are living in a screen-based world.